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Universal Lien Waiver
Chicago Bull

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Introducing the new Chicago Title Insurance Company Universal "Owner/Seller/Contractor Affidavit and Indemnification"

For years attorneys have wanted one and here it is! A comprehensive affidavit in one single standardized non-confrontational user-friendly form covering critical information you need from the key parties involved in your closing.

  • The form is written in "plain language" and should be easily understood by the owner, seller or contractor.

  • All of those questions you either hate to ask or may not even know to ask in a particular case are here: Has there been any recent construction? Are you married? Is there a mobile home or a cemetery plot on the property? Have we included all of the taxes or judgments against you? Is any entity (corporation, limited partnership or limited liability company) in good standing with the Secretary of State?
  • In most situations, you only have to complete the 3 paragraphs below on the 2-page form.

  • Paragraph 3: Which construction situation applies? (See below)

  • Paragraph 5: Which marital status applies?

  • Paragraph 16: Note any exceptions to paragraphs 1 through 15.

  • In addition, the form covers most (if not all) lien situations. You simply check the appropriate blank (under paragraph #3). A third page applies in some situations if work has been provided within the last 120 days or is still in progress, as follows:

  • Waiver of Liens must be signed by all contractors who dealt directly with the owner, if work is completed.

  • Subordination of Liens must be signed by all contractors who dealt directly with the owner, if work is not completed.

  • For specific situations, feel free to contact your local Chicago Title office.

  • The signature sections have been updated to accommodate execution by individuals as well as most legally recognized entities without the need for modification on your part.

We hope that you will find this form easy to use and a useful part of the closing process. If you have any questions or need additional copies, please contact your local office of CHICAGO TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY.

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